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    the problem 不适

    fever / have a temperature 发热

    tired and sore 酸痛乏力

    dry cough 干咳

    headache 头痛

    sore throat 咽喉痛

    could/can you tell me what the problem is/was?

    how long have you...?

    when did it start?

    what color is /was the sputum?


    live 居住

    visit 到访

    during the past 14 days / within the last 14 days 既往14天内

    where have you lived recently?

    where have you visited recently?

    is this your first time to…?

    how long have you been…?

    when did you go to…?

    have you ever gone to…?


    the clinic/hospital 诊所/医院

    a confirmed case of covid-19 新冠肺炎确诊病例

    inpatient department 住院部

    gathering 聚会


    have you gone to the clinic/hospital recently? what for?

    do you know if there is a confirmed case of covid-19 in the hospital you visited?

    were your friends / family members in inpatient department?

    do you know the patient’s condition?


    have you taken part in a gathering recently?

    travel agency 旅行团

    medical test for coronaviruses 新冠病毒检测

    report 报告

    diagnosis 诊断

    have you taken any medical tests in the hospital recently?

    which tests have you taken?

    can/could you show me the report/ medical record from the hospital?


    take medication 服药

    have allergy 过敏

    have you taken any medication recently? why did you take the medication?

    did the doctor prescribe for you?

    can /could you show me the prescription from the doctor?

    do you have any medical health problems?

    can/could you tell me in detail?

    do you have any allergies?

    how have you been treated with allergy?


    i'm the customs officer, responsible for checking on your health declaration form. for your health and that of others, i'm going to/ i'd like to ask you some questions. please make sure your information is correct and true.


    to protect your health and others,i need to take sample from your throat/nose.


    please relax and do follow my instructions for your comfort.


    first please lean back as far as you can. and keep still.


    then open your mouth, and say ‘a’. i'm gonna to put the swab into your mouth ,and scrub on your throat quickly, please hold on.


    it may take a moment and want to vomit,a feeling of discomfort, but it could disappear swiftly.


    all done./that's everything. thanks for your cooperation. wish you good health/keep healthy!







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